On a 30 minute drive east of Amsterdam lies a little town called Hoogland. The town itself isn't worth mentioning, but the store it holds is. Probably the best jeans store in the Netherlands called Best Of Brands.
Named after its owner Bob, with whom we had a meeting today to see if we could conquer a spot in his store.

The moment we stepped into the store we were inspired by the look and feel. The complete space breaths heritage, vintage and jeans wear. Bob is a vintage collector with an amazing eye for details and a very good taste for quality products. His store runs brands like Nigel Carbourne, RRL, Mister Freedom, Levi's vintage clothing, Denham and so on and so on.. It was clear from the start, we share the same passion, a passion for vintage, aged fabrics, bags and almost everything that gets better over years. Bob has been collecting for the past 16 years and he has been around. His most inspiring story is the thing he did for his own brand "Butcher of Blue". In a collab with Denham jeans he sold his own branded raw denim selvage jeans and asked his customers to wear them for a year without washing them. The pants was sold with a small notebook so the customers could keep track of what they were doing while wearing the pant. After a year Bob bought back the pants in return for a 100 euro more than the initial selling price gift voucher to his store! The results are amazing. The jeans are now hanging in the store, every single piece has his own story. This philosophy is a statement for the passion of beautiful aged products. We can't wait to present our bags in his story, we only need to make them first. Give us two week! We will keep you posted.....


  (picture source: Bob's own)