Last friday we visited the Butcher of  Blue Exposition and Bookpresentation at our stockist Best of Brand in Hoogland.

The concept : Bob Rijnders and Jason Denham created a new pair of jeans. "The Butcher" was born, made of raw selvage denim, individualy numbered and very limited, only 100 pairs were produced. 100 Butchers have been wearing their jeans for 1 year and they recorded every spot, rip, tear, signs of wear and repair in their Butchers-Diary. Most of them kept their promise and returned their pair of jeans together with their diary after 1 year, although that wasn't easy Bob told us. 

We love the concept and it was stunning to see all these worn down selvage denims with beautiful wear and repairs. All different, all unique, all with their own story. 

Ofcourse we had to buy the book!