We are proud to announce our first Stockist : the beautiful store of Dreist in Aachen, Germany. The care we give to our products, is the same care we give to the environment they are presented in. All stores that carry our goods should fit our concept of a heritage, modern, denim, workwear feel. The store of Dreist in Aachen does just that. It is run by two people with a passion for the old, the worn, the faded and the repaired. Need we say more? Besides Atelier de l'Armée they carry little passionate brands like Kings of Indigo, minimum and Indigofera. When we saw the first pictures of our bags hanging in their store we went berserk.... our bags are treated like they should, like pieces of art, hanging on the wall !

Bag numbers 21, 22 and 24 are waiting for an owner, so hurry up and buy them before they leave with someone else!

Lothringerstrasse 11
52062 Aachen