We value craftsmanship; our designs are created with an eye for detail and perfection. Every product is hand-made, and is either produced in our atelier in the Netherlands, or by our high quality manufacturer in Italy. This manufacturer consists of craftsmen with years of experience and knowledge. They produce our items with passion and they focus on details. We do not compromise on quality, and this shows; our products are durable goods, and, if used with love, they will last a lifetime.


The most important reason for our origination is the army. It is so imprinted in our identity that it’s in the name – ‘Armée’. Activities deriving from the army such as hiking, mountaineering, marching, sailing and flying all inspire us in our designing process. The fabrics which are used, combined with the functionality and high quality of the equipment, lead us to develop new creations in every collection. What we try to do in the end, is take those fabrics, functionalities and high quality and pour it into a contemporary cask of high-end, well-functioning bags for day-to-day use.


When it comes to completing an outfit, accessories are a key element. Every fashion forward, self-assured character will find their unique companion in our collection; our items make sure that your personal belongings are protected in a functional and stylish way. Each bag is designed for the urban creatives – men and women – that live in and around the city. They’re in motion and our accessories are there to support them: our well-crafted goods fit their personality and their need for functionality. Wherever the day makes them go, we support their individual style and personal expression.


At the end of the summer of 2011, Atelier de l’Armée was founded by Joost Doeswijk. After years of working in the fashion business he decided it was time to create his own world. A place where he is free to explore and don’t have to compromise on quality. Joost: ‘It was really hard for me to find a bag with a high-end feel for a reasonable price. When it comes to quality, I don’t believe in fast fashion. I strive to make high quality goods that last for a long time.’ For me, there are two main elements that create a well-designed item; style and function.’

Years later, the Amsterdam based collective of Atelier de l’Armée expanded by adding creative entrepreneurial spirits and designers to the team. All with the mere goal to keep creating renewing goods, but with the high quality, style and function as Joost intended it.

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