Over the years we have collected many different types of camouflage from all over the world. Here is an overview of the ones that pass through our hands either as cloth or as a garment. 

1960's East German"Blumentarn


1950's Belgian Denison Smock

Brazilian lizard camouflage

British desert camouflage

British Woodland camouflage

Dutch Jungle camouflage

Dutch Woodland camouflage

Finnish M62 Camouflage

French Foreign Legion Lizard camouflage

German Flecktarn desert

German Flecktarn

Korean Duck camouflage

Portuguese lizard camouflage

Russian TTsKO camouflage

Swiss Alpentarn camouflage

US Army Choco chip camouflage

US Army Desert storm camouflage

US Army Rhodesian camouflage