About Collectables Bags.

We are uniquely numbered and we each carry a story that must be told.
We are functional and interesting, because of what we are made of.
We derive from duffle bags, army tent canvases, camo poncho’s and more.
We are brought back to life by a needle, thread, hands, vision and love.

We are Collectable Bags by Atelier de l’Armée.


  • Collectables – Backpack Cover


    These Original U.S. Army Backpack Covers are like new and still packed in the original package. The cover can be used for all our backpacks; Collectable Backpacks, Flight Packs and Voyager Packs. The material is waterproof.

    We found these unique pieces during our all time vintage treasure hunt. We believe in a circular consumer model, and because of that in a more sustainable world. All items that make it to our shop are inspected and refurbished by hand in our atelier.