Collectables | Art Edition – Backpack №1000


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Our thousandth Collectable is a fact. What a milestone. And even though every single Collectable is completely unique, we wanted to make Collectable #1000 extra special. That is why we decided to collaborate with Ozzy Customs; a talented artist who made it his trait customizing shoes, but who has made an excursion to bags for us. Ozzy: “I was honoured to have been asked by Atelier. In this design, I was mainly inspired by the material. Leather is a natural product, and I took this to heart with the painting. It is a piece of untouched forest where nature has full, free rein. I have combined this realism with surrealistic elements in the form of folded cranes. The whole world is in contrast, it’s up to us how we deal with it.”

The bag is hand crafted out of vegetable tanned, stiff leather of a light colour. This colour will, as time passes and the weather and environment will work it, gradually darken and thus become slightly warmer in appearance. The bag comes to life as you use it, so to speak. The inside is finished with a high-quality lining of 50% canvas and 50% nylon, making the bag completely waterproof.

A work of art full of life painted on natural materials that live alongside with you. Collectable #1000 is all about life.

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– Art edition by Ozzy Customs

– 100% Deadstock Vegetable Natural Tanned Leather

– This type of leather becomes darker through the years


– Cordura waterproof nylon

– 13″/15″ laptop compartment

– 3 inner pockets


– Padded backpanel

– Vegetable tanned leather straps