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When Nigel Cabourn met the Atelier de l’Armée team back in 2013, Nigel was carrying his vintage Swiss army rucksack. With a shared passion for this amazing piece of equipment and the salt & pepper fabric it is built out of, we started talking about remaking this rucksack. After discussing we decided that we would only collaborate if we could source the original fabric to make it as close to the original as possible. Anything less wouldn’t be a tribute to the rucksack.Since it is highly unlikely to find a dead-stock roll of this 1960’s fabric we never thought the collab would actually happen. But after a year long search we were able to find a complete roll of selvage original Swiss army salt & pepper fabric and the collaboration was born: Nigel Cabourn x Atelier de l’Armée.

The Salt & Pepper fabric had a cotton base when it was developed by Swiss army during the late 1930’s, but as cotton became rare during the years of war, nettle fibre was combined with cotton. This mix created a very rugged, waterrepellent and durable fabric. The selvage roll of fabric we found contained barely enough fabric to make a limited amount of 40 pieces.

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Total height : 50 cm
Bottom width : 42 cm
Depth : 18 cm
Detachable strap length : adjustable