We did a clean up in our factory to make space for future collections. Therefore, we can offer you this unique Summer Sale. Check out all the deals below!

  • Collectables – Mini Tote Bag №1001

    239.00 99.00

    For this new collectable we have used the Deadstock Scandinavian Duffle Bag. Of course in a combination with the deadstock leather details. It’s a true collectors item based on real craftsmanship. There is just one in stock of this unique bag handmade in our atelier in The Netherlands.

    This Mini Tote Bag model wearable as a shoulder bag and a handbag. The bag can be closed with a push-button.

    They are sustainable and made with love for the world we live on. They are uniquely designed and crafted by the same designer hands in our own Atelier. They always combine their beautiful form with their formidable function. It’s what makes them collectable. We always use or recycle all our materials. We don’t like to waste materials, and next to that we want to show you we can create beautiful and sustainable collectables with the smallest pieces. So we have designed this mini Tote Bag version.