All our leathers comes from Europe. We mainly use vegetable tanned full grain leather. Vegetable tanned means that the skin is natural and has an open structure. It is one of the most eco-friendly ways of tanning because it has no synthetic top finish and there are no chemicals used during the tanning process. It’s color can alter when exposed to sunlight. No vegetable tanned leather skin is the same. Vegetable tanned leather will not stay flawless and smooth, scratching will occur and irregularity in color and texture are inherent to the leather. These characteristics can not be seen as a fault, but make it an unique product. This premium quality leather will age beautifully over time.


All our fabrics are made in Europe, they’re mainly from Italy, France and Germany. We select our fabrics based on quality, function and style. We believe in durable fabrics that will last a lifetime, therefore our fabrics are heavy weight and they’re often water repellent.


We carefully select our materials and we only produce high quality goods: our items withstand the test of time – even if you wear them year in, year out. During the designing process we take environmental and ethical aspects into account – for us, producing durable goods means creating products that you’ll wear a lifetime. When it comes to quality, we’ve set the bar high: we don’t compromise on quality. Only the best is good enough.


Please note that vegetable tanned leather has an open structure and will change color when exposed to sunlight. We suggest avoiding heavy rain showers, since this may create spots on the leather.

It’s important to treat full grain leather with leather conditioner at least once a year. Especially living in a warm or humid environment. Leather moisturizer will avoid the leather from drying out and will keep the skin supple.

Our advice is to go ahead and use your bag to the fullest every day. We believe that markings created by the sun, rain, dirt, grease and natural wear make your bag a unique and personal item. If treated with care your bag will age beautifully.

For general maintenance we suggest to bring your bag to a cleaning service that specializes in leather products.

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