About us.
We are functional in form, and fine in appearance.
We are never the first time to be worn, as we saw more in a past life.
We were army trench coats, jackets, storage boxes or bullet proof vests.
We were picked up, taken care of, fixed and enhanced with passion.
We respawned into Collectable Apparel by Atelier de l’Armée.

  • Vintage – Original Camo Raincoat

    139.00 97.30

    Vintage Original Camo Raincoat

    We found these unique piece during our all time vintage treasure hunt. We believe in a circular consumer model, and because of that in a more sustainable world. All items that make it to our Vintage Apparel shop are inspected and refurbished by hand in our atelier.

    Model is 189 cm and wears a size L.

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